UHS MDCAT Past Paper 2017

UHS MDCAT Past Paper MCQs 2017

With Answer Key Solved

With Answer Key Solutions MDCAT

1) Low partial pressure of oxygen in tissues favours of oxyhaemoglobin.

a) Dissociation c)Stability

b) Formation d) Transformation

2) Respiratory tubules are termed as bronchioles when they attain the diameter or lesser:
a) 1.2cm c) 1mm

5) Thoracic lymph duct of the lymphatic system opens into :

a) Superior vena cava c) Inferior vena cava

b) Subclavian Vein d) Renal vein

6) Select the part of nephron which is NOT permeable to water and stops its outflow:

a) Glomerulus c) Ascending loop

b) Proximal Tubule d) Desceding loop

7) Vessels which carry blood to the glomerulus are called:

a) Efferent arterioles c) Vesa recta

b) Renal vein d) Afferent arterioles

8) In ECG, QRS wave represents:

a) Glomerulus c) ADH influencing on collecting duct

b) Influence of aldosterone d) Gradual increase in osmolarity from .cortex to inner medula

11) What is the least selective process during urine formation:

a) Reabsorption c) Secretion

b) Pressure filteration d) Differential permeability

12) The nerve impulse which jumps from node to node in myelinated neurons is called as:

a) Resting membrane potential c) Threshold stimulus

b) Saltatory nerve impulse d) Initial nerve impulse

13) The CNS is protected by:

a) Three layers of meninges c) 4 layers of meninges

b) One layer of moninx d) 2 layers of meninges

b) Uterus d) Oviduct

17) Which of the following directly develops into sperms:

a) Primary spermatocytes c) Secondary spermatocytes

b) Spermatids d) Spermatogonia

18) FSH stimultes the production of oestrogen hormone which has two targets ; and :

a) Uterus, posterior pituitary c) Uterus, anterior pituitary

b) Ovaries, uterus d) Ovaries, hypothalamus

19) Select the organelle which is only present in animal cells:

a) Centrioles c) Microtubules

b) R.E.R d) Ribosomes

b) Canaliculfs d) Calcium phosphate

23) The number of bones forming skull in man is: a) 8 c) 20
b) 14 d) 22

24) The spine consists of linear series of :

a) 33 bones c) 12 bones

b) 24 bones d) 7 bones

25) W.O.F changes occurs when skeletal muscles contract:

a) I-band shortens only

b) A-band shortens and Z-lines move apart

c) I-band shortens and Z-lines come close to each other

28) W.O.F is endocrine as well as exocrine:

a) Liver c) Thyroid

b) Adrenals d) Pancreas

29) Ovulation is suppressed by progestrone via:

a) Only by inhibition of LH

b) Inhibition of FSH & stimulation of LH

c) Inhibition of LH & stimultion of FSH

d) Inhibition of both FSH & LH

30) The antibody molecule consists of polypeptide chains:

a) Eight c) Six

33) Chlorophyll molecule contains:

a) Mg++ c) K+

b) Ca++ d) Na+

34) The tail of chlorophyll molecule is embedded in:

a) Membrane of mitochondria c) Membrane of S.E.R

b) Thylakoid membrane d) Membrane of R.E.R

35) Carotenoids absorb light of:

a) Yellow-orange range c) Orange-red range

b) Yellow-red range d) Blue-violet range

36) Chlorophyll ‘a’ and chlorophyll ‘b’ differ in one of the functional groups… Chlorophyll ‘a’ has:

a) -CHO c) -CH3

b) -OH d) -NH2

b) Non-palindromic ends d) Split ends

40) Restriction endonucleases are produced by:

a) Fungi c) Bacteria

b) Algae d) Viruses

41) DNA segments of different lengths can be separated by a process of:

a) Western blotting c) Autoradiography

b) Northern blotting d) Gel electrophoresis

42) The is the 1st heat stable component used in PCR:

a) Taq-isomerase c) Taq-polymerase

b) Taq-helicase d) Taq SSBp

b) Active uptake of Nitrate ions by plant roots

c) Drainage of manure from fields

d) Leaching of nitrate ions

46) Process by which unrelated species evolve to functionally resemble each other is called:

a) Convergent evolution c) Co-evolution

b) Divergent evolution d) Parallel evolution

47) W.O.F shows evidences from evolution through molecular biology:

a) Development of bronchial arches in verterbrate embryo

b) Distribution of species

c) Comparision of genes and proteins in different species

d) Study of vestigial organs

48) Large population size, random mating, no mutation and no emigration or immigration are the postulates of:
a) Hardy-Weinberg theorem c) Mendel’s law of segregation

a) Chromosomal aberration c) Aneuploidy

b) Point mutation d) Euploidy

51) The condition in which the heterozygote has a phenotype intermediate between contrasting homozygous parents is called as:
a) Dominance c) Co-dominance

b) Incomplete dominance d) Over- dominance

52) The interaction between different genes occupying different loci is:

a) Dominance ; c) Pleiotropy

b) Co-dominance ; d) Epistasis

53) Locus stands for:

a) Position of gene on homologous chromosome

b) Regions of chromosomes

c) Position of an allele within a DNA molecule

d) Close regions of same chromosome

b) 1/4 white ; 3/4 purple d) All purple

56) The gene for red-green colour blindness is present on:

a) Y-chromosome c) Autosome 7

b) X-chromosome d) Autosome 9

57) W.O.F structures is present in both plant and animal cells but is absent in prokaryotic cells: ;

a) Centrioles ; c) Plastids

b) Microtubule ; d) Sieve-tubes

58) Cilia and flagella are absent in:

a) Viruses c) Higher plants

b) Bacteria d) Lower animals

61) Cell wall structure of a cell of unknown origin was studied and was found to contain polysaccharide chain linked with short chains of amino acid.. What do u think it can be??
a) Bacteria c) Algae

b) Fungi Cell d) Cortex cells

62) Ribosomes present in prokaryotes are:

a) 80S c) 50S

b) 60S d) 70S

63) Functionally mesosomes can be compared with:

a) Ribosomes c) Polysomes

b) Mitochondria d) Golgi bodies

64) Students were asked to give a guess about a unicellular organism with darkly stained nucleus.. W.O.F can be straight away excluded from the list:
a) Paramecium c) Plasmodium

b) Amoeba d) Lactobacillus

b) Around thighs and belly d) Liver and kidneys

68) The number of amina acids that have been found to occur in cells and tissues are: a) 170 c) 25
b) 20 d) 45

69) Most proteins are made up of type of amino acids: a) 20 c) 25
b) 170 d) 200

70) If in lipids there is an higher proportion of unsaturated fatty acids then it will be:

a) Oils c) Phenols

b) Waxes d) Fats

a) Uracil

b) Thymine c) Guanine

d) Cytosine

73) All enzymes are :

a) Fibrous proteins

c) Lipoproteins
b) Low molecular weight proteins d) Globular proteins

74) The reactants on which enzyme works are:

a) Products c) Substrates

b) Metabolites d) Catabolites

75) W.O.F comprises of inorganic ions:

a) Coenzymes c) Prosthetic group

b) Activators d) Apoenzyme

b) Temperate phage cycle d) Lysogenic phage cycle

79) In W.O.F shapes, gut living symbiont Escherichia coli is found:

a) Round c) Spiral

b) Oval d) Rod

80) Chitin, a chemical found in exoskeleton of arthropods is also found in cell wall of:

a) Bacteria c) Cyanobacteria

b) Fungi d) Algae

81) Snails are the intermediate hosts in:

a) Fasciola hepatica c) Schistoma

b) Taenia solium d) Ancyclosoma duodenale

a) Cardiac sphincter c) Stomach valve

b) Sinoatrial valve d) Pyloric sphincter

85) Enzyme pepsin acts on:

Options Substrate Products
A Protein Polypeptides
B Polypeptide Dipeptides
C Fats Fatty acids/ glycerol
D Protein Amino Acids

86) Following is the structure of gastric glands in stomach wall where ‘x’ is:

a) Pleura c) Chest cavity

b) Diaphragm d) Intercoastal muscles

88) W.O.F is a respiratory disorder related to malnutrition:

a) Cancer c) Emphysema

b) Asthma d) Tuberculosis


1) The quantities which can be measured accurately are:

a) Base quantities c) Derived Quantities

b) Physical Quantities d) Supplementary quntities

2) An observer notes reading of scale from different angles (parallax) while measuring the length of wire, what type of error is possible:
a) Systematic error c) Precised error

5) The distance travelled by a moving car with velocity 15 m/s in 2s, decelerates at 2m/s is equal to:
a) 30m c) 16m

b) 34m d) 26m

6) Total work done in figure is:

a) 24 Nm

b) 16 Nm

c) 8 Nm

d) Zero Nm

7) Work done will be zero if angle between force and displacement is: a) 0° c) 270°

10) A moon rotates about its axis. In future scientists may wish to put a satellite into an orbit around the moon such that the satellite remains stationary above one point on moon surface, the period of rotation of moon abou its axis is 27.4 days, what is the radius of required orbit?
Mm= 7.35 x 10²²kg

a) 3.59 x 107 m c) 8.86 x 107 m

b) 4.23 x 107 m d) 6.96 x 106 m

11) In mass spring system mass ‘m’ is attached with spring of spring constant ‘k’ with time period ‘T1’.. Then the mass is replaced by ‘2m’ with same spring, what is the time period ‘T2’
a) T2 = T1 c) T2 = √2 T1

b) T2 = 2T1 d) T2 = T1/ √2

12) A body performing SHM with displacement x=xo sin(wt+fi), when t=0, x=xo.. Then what is the phase angle fi??
a) π c) π/4

b) π/2 d) –π

15) A metallic wire of length 2m hooked between two points has tension 10N. If mass per unit length is 0.004 kg/m, their fundamental frequency emitted by wire on vibration is:
a) 48 Hz c) 12.5 Hz

b) 24 Hz d) 6.25 Hz

16) Coherent lines emerge from two fine parallel slits ‘A’ and ‘B’ as shown in figure:

If ‘P’ is the position of nth dark fringe from centre of interference, then phase difference between wave train ‘A’ and ‘B’ is:
a) nπ radian c) (n+½)π radian

b) 2πn radian d) (2n+1)π radian

19) 1 mole of a gas occupies volume 1.00 x 10–2 m³ in a gas cylinder whose pressure is equal to
2.50 x 105 Pa. The temperature of cylinder is:
a) 227K c) 370K

b) 300K d) 390K

20) The value of pressure and volume of fixed mass of gas in thermometer at triple point of water Pf= 1.00 x 105 Pa and Vf= 1 x 10–3 m³. When P= 1.1 x 105 Pa and V= 1.2 x 10–3 m³. Then temperature of gas is:
a) 361K c) 273K

b) 298K d) 250K

21) A point charge at distance ‘x’ from another point charge experiences a force F of repulsion, which graph shows relationship of force F to ‘x’ :

b) 1240i + 1280j N/C d)1240i + 1080j N/C

24) 2.00 x 106 e passing through a coductor in 1millisecond. Electric current through conductor is:

a) 3.2 x 10–10 A c) 320 x 10–10 A

b) 32.0 x 10–9 A d) 0.320 x 10–10 A

25) A carbon resistor connected to a battery of 50V and 2A current is passing throug it. If voltage is increased to 75V then current will be:
a) 1.5 A c) 4.5 A

b) 3A d) 6A

26) Effective resistance between point A and B is:

28) The magnetic flux linked with a solenoid of area ‘A’, having ‘N’ turns at right angle to magnetic field is:
a) NBA c) 1/2NBA

b) BA d) BAcos(theeta)

29) A charge projected with velocity of 10m/s in a magnetic fiels of 10T at an angle of 60°, if force exerted on charge is 2.78 x 10–17 N, then value of charge is:

a) 1.6 x 10–19 C c) 3.2 x 10–19 C

b) 2.7 x 10–19 C d) 4.8 x 10–19 C

30) The value of magnetic flux is 10Wb, when magnetic lines of force containing magnetic field strength of 1T passing through unit area of 10m², then angle between magnetic field and unit area is:
a) 360° c) 90°

33) A 1.25cm diameter cylinder is subjected to load of 2500kg, stress on bar is:

a) 200 Pa c) 2 x 106 Pa

b) 2 x 105 Pa d) 2 x 109 Pa

34) Output voltage of rectifier is not smooth, it can be made smooth by a circuit known as:

a) Wheatstone Circuit c) Filter circuit

b) Bridge circuit d) Ripple circuit

35) A wire of length 2m is attached with mass of 5kg vertically, tensile strain of wire is
0.3 x 10–3, the extension in wire is:
a) 1.5mm c) 0.15mm

b) 2mm d) 0.6mm

36) What happens in positive cycle of AC input?

38) The frequency of photon having momentum 4.42 x 10–26 Ns is:

a) 2.00 x 1016 Hz c) 5.00 x 1016 Hz

b) 2.00 x 1014 Hz d) 2.00 x 1018 Hz

39) The max K.E, ‘E’ of photoelectrons ejected by a light of certain wavelength from a metal is ; measured as a fucnction of intensity ‘I’ of light. Which graph represents the way ‘E’ depends on ; ‘I’:

40) The momentum of wave where wavelength 1.32 x 10–9m

a) a Z c) a Z
a+1 a+1
b–1 b+1

43) The quantity of uranium is 400g, the amount of uranium left after 3 half lives is: a) 25g c) 100g
b) 50g d) 200g

44) The mass of Radium atom decreases by 8.6 x 10–3 kg, mass defect equivalent to energy is:

a) 4.48 MeV c) 3 x 102 MeV
b) 4.84 MeV d) 4.84 eV

Choose the Best option:


1) A voice us from the either side of the street

a) Addled c) Transcend

4) The soviet union was so vast and that it comprised all the concievable world.

a) Incisive c) Hermetic

b) Prolific d) Platonic

SPOT THE ERROR: In the following sentences some segments of each sentences are underlined and written in brackets. Your task is to identify that underlined segment of ; the segment that contains the mistake that needs to be corrected. Fill the circle ; corresponding to that letter outside the bracket of the segment in the MCQ response ;

5) When Maulvi Abul reached (Shamim Ahmed’s new shop,)a he found (a crowd)b had already assembled (there to watch)c (the proceeding.)d

10) (If it was possible)a to get (the necessities of life)b from the heavens (through prayers.)c Maulvi Abul would have prayed to Allah for a pair of shoes (for his Umda.)d

In each of the following questions four alternative sentences are given. Choose the ; CORRECT one and fill the circle corresponding to that letter in the MCQ Response Form.


a) Journalists must be well acquainted in the ethics of journalism.

b) Journalists must be well acquainted with the ethics off journalism.

c) Journalists must be well acquainted from the ethics of journalism.

d) Journalists must be well acquainted with the ethics of journalism.



a) He abdicated on favour of his son.

b) He abdicated in favour of his son.

c) He abdicated by favour of his son.

d) He abdicated as favour of his son.


a) He was abetted by the deception by his wife.

b) He was abetted from the deception by his wife.

c) He was abetted in the deception by his wife.

d) He was abetted to the deception by his wife.


a) The country is stepping back from the edge of an abyss.


a) He have decided to grow a beard and a moustache.

b) He has decided to grow a beard and a moustache.

c) He has been decided to grow a beard and a moustache.

d) He have been decided to grow a beard and a moustache.


a) Their divorce filled a lot of column inches in the national newspaper.

b) Their divorce filled lot of column inches in the national newspaper.

c) Their divorce filled a lot of column inches to the national newspaper.

d) Their divorce filled lot of column inches to the national newspaper.


a) The horse reared off on its hind legs.

c) Relating to sins.

d) Relating to countries.


a) Demon c) Convention

b) Cockerel d) Stone


a) Drug c) Bone

b) Force d) Shield


a) Self-regarding c) Talented

b) Self-conceited d) Self-control

b) Nebulous d) Nugatory


a) Juvenility c) Acquisition

b) Puberty d) Bashing


a) Mawkish c) Perl

b) Autocratic d) Oozy


a) Posy c) Necropsy

b) Prolegomena d) Damper


1 a 2 c 3 c 4 a 5 b
6 c 7 d 8 a 9 a 10 c
11 b 12 b 13 a 14 b 15 b
16 d 17 b 18 c 19 a 20 b
21 a 22 d 23 d 24 a 25 c
26 d 27 b 28 d 29 a 30 b
31 d 32 c 33 a 34 b 35 d
36 c 37 a 38 b 39 c 40 c
41 d 42 c 43 a 44 b 45 a
46 a 47 c 48 a 49 b 50 b
51 d 52 d 53 c 54 d 55 d
56 b 57 b 58 a 59 a 60 d

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