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Crack your Entry Tests

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PLS MCQs Bank provides the best and FREE platform for Entry test preparations. Students can attempt an unlimited number of MCQs and tests from the PakLearningSpot PLS website. PLS is the best website for MDCAT, NUST, NUMS, AKU, NTS, UET ECAT, and entry test Preparations. PLS also provides SSC, and FSC textbook MCQs including Biology, Chemsitry, Physics, and English MCQs with Answers.

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“An amazing platform, especially for those who are unable to join academies. So many resources in just a click!”

— Talia, MDCAT

“The website is very impressively organised. I would definitely recommend all the students if they want to ace their entrance exams!”

— Ali, NUST

“I was attempting the questions on the website and I absolutely love how they challenge you and really clear out the concepts.”

— Aliza, UET

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