Chemical Equilibrium

Kc value has
A. No units B. Units
C. Both a & b D. None
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If a buffer solution of higher pH than seven is to be made we use
A. Strong acid and strong base B. Weak acid and strong base
C. Weak acid and strong base D. Weak acid and its salt with strong base
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Which of the following will not change the concentration of ammonia at the equilibrium ?
A. Increase of pressure B. Increase of volume
C. Addition of catalyst D. Decrease of temperature
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When the value of Kc is very small then
A. reaction is at start B. product conc. Is maximum
C. reactant conc. Is minimum D. reaction is completed
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By the addition of base in waterpH will be
A. more than 7 B. less than 7
C. equal to 7 D. no effect
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