Atomic Structure

The letters s p d and f are used to represent which quantum numbers
A. Principal B. Azimuthal
C. Magnetic D. Spin
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The atomic number of an element having maximum number of unpaired electrons in p-subshell is
A. 7 B. 10
C. 12 D. 16
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When an atom absorbs energy the lines in the spectrum will appear which are
A. Brighter B. Darker
C. Colourless D. Hard to locate
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The relationship between energy of a photon of light and its frequency is given by
A. de-Broglie duel nature of matter B. Bohrs model
C. Plancks Quantum theory D. Rutherfords atomic model
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Which one of the following explain the shape of orbitals
A. Principal of quantum number B. Azimuthal quantum number
C. Magnetic quantum number D. Spin quantum number
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