NUMS Merit Formula

The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) is a prestigious university in Pakistan that specializes in medical and health sciences education. Established in 2015, NUMS is a public-sector university.

The merit formula for the NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences) entry test is subject to change and can vary from year to year. The university determines the final merit based on multiple factors, including the scores achieved in the entry test and the candidate’s FSc or equivalent exam results.

NUMS Aggregate Formula

Only the marks of the NUMS entry test, HSSC, and SSC marks of students will be used to calculate the NUMS Aggregate 2022.

Students can calculate their NUMS Aggregate from the Following below

  • SSC or Equivalent Marks = 10%
  • FSC or Equivalent Marks = 40%
  • NUMS MDCAT Entry Test Marks = 50%

NUMS Merit Formula = [[SSC marks/1100]*0.10 + [FSC marks/550]*0.40 + [NUMS Score/150]*0.50]*100

NUMS Merit Lists

NUMS Merit Lists from Medical and Dental colleges are uploaded after the Admissions Start. students Can Also Download the NUMS Merit Lists.


The NUMS MDCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test) is a standardized examination that aspiring medical and dental students in Pakistan must take in order to seek admission to various medical and dental colleges affiliated with NUMS. It is a competitive exam designed to assess students’ knowledge in subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and English.

NUMS Entry Test Preparations

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NUMS Closing Merits

NUMS Medical colleges Closing Merit for MBBS is very high. Although Closing merit varies every year. Also, The MBBS Closing merit depends on which Medical College is selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NUMS a Government Sector University?

Yes, NUMS is a Public sector university under Army administration.

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