GIKI Mock Test 3

GIKI entry test 2023 contains FSC MCQs. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences GIKI Swabi Topi KPK conducted an entry test for admission to a computer/ engineering University. Here you will be able to solve full-length Papers GIKI FLPs which are also called GIKI FREE mock Tests. GIKI university opens admissions for BS programs. GIKI Online mock tests are time-based and will give you a complete experience of the GIKI Entry Test real exam. At the end of each GIKI Mock Test, you will get the result of your GIKI exam. PakLearningSpot PLS MCQs Bank website for FREE GIKI Entry test preparations

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GIKI Mock Test 3

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Category: Math Ch 7 Class 12

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Category: Math Ch 7 Class 12

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Category: Math Ch 3 Class 12

∫?′(?)/?(?) ?? =

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Category: English

Q.183.Choose thr Correct sentence

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Category: English

Q.196 I advised her _drink it.

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Category: English

Q.194 In the world of today, not only is there not enough food, but each year there are many people eating

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Category: English

Q.184 Thank you. You’ve been very through this time.

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Category: English

Q.185 One bad exam result and all her dreams were_______________

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Category: English

Q.195 “What are you doing here?” “I___________________TV.”

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Category: Physics

Q.138 The electric current in conductor is due to the flow of

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Category: Physics

Q.128 Which is not radioactive?

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Category: Physics


Q.158 If a body of mass m is rotating in a circle of radius r with frequency of rotation “f” then centripetal force acting on it is

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Category: Physics

Q.169   A metallic sphere of diameter 30 cm, carries a charge of 600 mC. Find electric field intensity at surface of sphere?

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Category: Physics

Q.101 If we are moving with constant velocity frame then the inertial state is same as

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Category: Physics

Q.156 When an object moves on a circular path, then:

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Category: Physics

Center of gravity of a cup Iles

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Category: Physics

Q.125 A source of 10 volt is applied across a  wire, the current is  

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Category: Physics

Q.73 An electrical instrument which is used to measure potential difference between two points is called

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Category: Physics Ch 17 Class 12

Dimension of modulus of elasticity:

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Category: Math Ch 2 Class 12

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Category: Physics Ch 12 Class 12

If the electric field is E = x/y then y is?

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Category: Physics Ch 12 Class 12

Electron volt is the unit of

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Category: Physics Ch 12 Class 12

What will be the new Surface Density if Electric Intensity is increased to 3 times?

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Category: Physics Ch 19 Class 12

Value of Wien’s constant is?

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Category: Math Ch 3

In echelon form of matrix, the first non zero entry is called:

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Category: Physics Ch 1 Class 11

SI unit of velocity Is

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Category: English Grammar

The car In which the minister was traveling — with an accident.

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Category: English Grammar

Those who persist In the endeavor at long last triumph – the odds of life.

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Category: English Grammar

  • The grapes are now ‘ enough to be picked.

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Category: Physics Ch 9 Class 11

If an Electromagnetic wave is plane polarized, then the direction of electric field and magnetic field will be

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Category: Math Ch 9

One rotation in anti-clock wise direction is equal to:

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Category: Physics Ch 20 Class 12

Laser light is

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Category: English Reading Comprehension

unsinkable Ship Naval architects never claim that a ship is unsinkable, but the sinking of the passenger•and-car ferry Estonia in the Baltic surely should never have happened. It was well designed and carefully maintained. It carried the proper number of lifeboats. It had been thoroughly inspected the day of its fatal voyage. Yet hours later, Estonia rolled over and sank in a cold, stormy night. It went down so quickly that most of those on board, caught in their dark, flooding cabins, had no chance to save the natives. Of those % who managed to scramble overboard, only 139 survived. The rest died of hypothermia before the rescuers could pluck them from the cold sea. The final death toll amounted to 912 souls. One can understand from the reading that .

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Category: English Reading Comprehension

Diana Prince of Wales, became famous when she decided to marry Prince Charles. She became the most photographed, Photographed person in the world. Everywhere she went, there were photographers taking pictures of her and people were very interested in her clothes, where she went on holiday and who she Was v They were also interested in the problems between her and her husband. When they iv remained very popular. In addition to her image as a ‘star’ c , Princess Diana used her influence toill and dedicated time to helping them and drawing public attention to their problems. She used to visit homeless people regularly and did a lot of work for the National AIDS Trust; she visited people suffering from AIDS. It is implied in the passage that before her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana was •

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Category: Math Ch 1 Class 12

A function is said to be continuous at ? = ? if

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Category: English – Synonyms and Antonyms

Choose the word closest in meaning to “Venial”

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Category: English – Synonyms and Antonyms

Choose the word most opposite in meaning to “Incomparable”

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Category: English – Synonyms and Antonyms

Choose the word closest in meaning to “Knuckle Head”

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Category: Physics Ch 2 Class 11

The cross product of three unit vectors (i, j, k) equals

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Category: Physics Ch 3 Class 11

A body Is dropped from a height 175m, how much time will it take to reach the ground?

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Category: Physics Ch 4 Class 11

Escape velocity of Jupiter is:

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Category: Physics Ch 4 Class 11

What will be the speed a electron having an energy of 18.2 x10^14 Joule?

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Category: Physics Ch 21 Class 12

Which of the following has greater speed In space?

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Category: Physics Ch 21 Class 12

Penetration power of gamma rays as compared to alpha rays is

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Category: Physics Ch 13 Class 12

When charge flows through a wire, it produces:

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Category: Physics Ch 10 Class 11

The electrical signals change into light signals for transmission through optical fibre. A light pulse

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Category: English Spellings Correction

Choice Correct Spelling

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Category: English Spellings Correction

Choice Correct Spelling

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Category: English Spellings Correction

Choice Correct Spelling

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Category: English Spellings Correction

Choice Correct Spelling

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Category: Physics Ch 7 Class 11

In which of the following scenarios will the K.E be zero?

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Category: Physics Ch 7 Class 11

If the value of g is made g/16, what will be the effect on time period of pendulum?

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Category: Physics Ch 16 Class 12

The process of combining low frequency waves with high frequency is called:

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Category: Physics Ch 14 Class 12

What are dimensions of Magnetic Flux

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Category: Math Ch 7

A die is rolled , the probability of getting 3 or 5 is:

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Category: English Analogies

Symphony : Music

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Category: English Analogies

Sonnet : Poem a)

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Category: Physics Ch 5 Class 11

A particle is moving in a circle with radius r and velocity v if radius is doubled keeping the velocity constant, the value of tangential acceleration will be:

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