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FSC Physics MCQs Part 1 Physics Part 2 HSSC Pre Medical Pre Engineering text Book Questions first year and second-year Physics mcqs

Electrons present in p-type material due to thermal pair generation are
A. majority carriers B. minority carriers
C. dual carriers D. blockers
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Acceptor and donor impurities donate
A. n-carriers only B. p-carriers only
C. p-carriers and n-carriers respectively D. n-carriers and p-carriers respectively
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In p-n-p transistor the collector current is
A. equal to emitter current B. slightly less than emitter current
C. greater than emitter current D. any of above
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Identify the correct statement about minority carriers
A. holes in n-type and free electrons in p-type B. holes in n-type and p-type
C. free electrons in n-type and holes in p-type D. free electrons in n-type and p-type
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Which one of following band is completely filled in case of conductors?
A. Conduction band B. Fermi band
C. Valence band D. Forbidden band
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The value of resistivity for insulator is of the order of
A. 105 ohm metre B. 106 ohm metre
C. 107 ohm metre D. 108 ohm metre
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Hole is equivalent to
A. a negative charge B. a positive charge
C. a neutral particle D. an electron
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In the transistor schematic symbol, the arrow
A. is located on the emitter B. is located on the base
C. is locate on the collector D. points form north to south
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The semiconductor diode can be used as a rectifier because
A. It has low resistance to the current flow when forward biased & high resistance when reverse biased.
B. It has low resistance to the current flow when forward biased.
C. It has high resistance to the current flow when reverse biased
D. Its conductivity increases with rise of temperature.
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The device or circuit used for conversion of A.C. into D.C. is called
A. An amplifier. B. A rectifier
C. Filtering circuit D. Converter.
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