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Magnetic force acting on a unit positive charge moving perpendicular to the magnetic field with a unit velocity is called
A. magnetic flux B. magnetic field intensity
C. magnetic induction D. self inductance
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What is the value of the current in a wire of 10cm long at the right angle to a uniform magnetic field of 0.5 Weber/m2 when the force acting on the wire is 5N?
A. 1A B. 10A
C. 100A D. 1000A
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Two parallel wires carrying currents in the opposite directions
A. repel each other B. attract each other
C. have no effect upon each other D. they cancel out their individual magnetic fields
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A magnetic field
A. always exerts a force on a charged particle
B. never exerts a force on a charged particles
C. exerts a force if the charged particle is moving in the direction of the magnetic field lines
D. exerts a force if the charged particle is moving perpendicular to the magnetic field lines
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The magnetic force experienced by a charge particle moving in a magnetic field will be minimum when it moves
A. perpendicular to the field B. parallel to the field
C. inclined parallel to the field D. at an angle of 45?
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Magnetic flux and flux density are related by
A. magnetic flux = flux density / area B. magnetic flux = flux density x area
C. flux density = magnetic flux area D. flux density = magnetic flux x area
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An electron enters a region where the electric field E is perpendicular to the magnetic field B. It will suffer no deflection if
A. E = BeV B. B = eE/V
C. E = BV D. E = BeV/2
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An instrument which can measure potential without drawing any current is
A. voltmeter B. galvanometer
C. cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) D. ammeter
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When the coil of the galvanometer is in equilibrium then the deflecting couple is
A. zero B. equal to the restoring couple
C. greater than the restoring couple D. smaller than the restoring couple
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While measuring the unknown resistance the help of slide wire bridge a greatest accuracy can be achieved when
A. a most sensitive galvanometer is used B. a steady voltage cell is used
C. the balance point is close to the middle of the wire D. a high resistance box is used in one of its gap
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