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FSC Physics MCQs Part 1 Physics Part 2 HSSC Pre Medical Pre Engineering text Book Questions first year and second-year Physics mcqs

Resistance of a conductor depends upon
A. nature of conductor B. dimension of conductor
C. physical state of the conductor D. all of above
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A wire of uniform area of cross-section A length L and resistance R is cut into two parts. Resistivity of each part
A. remains the same B. is doubled
C. is halved D. becomes zero
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Three equal resistors connected in series with a source of e m f together dissipate 10 W of power each. What will be the power dissipated if the same resistors are connected in parallel across the same source of e m f?
A. 40 W B. 90W
C. 100W D. 120W
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Thermocouples convert
A. heat energy into electrical energy B. heat energy into light energy
C. heat energy into mechanical energy D. mechanical energy into heat energy
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An immersion heater of 400 watts kept on for 5 hours will consume electrical power of
A. 2KWh B. 20KWh
C. 6KWh D. 12KWh
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Reciprocal of resistivity is called
A. resistance B. inductance
C. conductivity D. flexibility
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Three bulbs are rating 40W 60W and 100W designed to work on 220V mains. Which bulb will burn most brightly if they are connected in series across 220 V mains?
A. 40 W bulb B. 60 W blub
C. 100 W blub D. all will burn equally brightly
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Specific resistance of a wire
A. will depend on its length B. will depend on its radius
C. will depend on the type of material of the wire D. will depend on none of the above
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If 1 ampere current flows through 2m long conductor the charge flow through it in 1 hour will be
A. 3600C B. 7200C
C. 1C D. 2C
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