NUST Past Paper NET 2023

NUST Past Paper – Engineering
Total Time: 3 Hrs Total Question: 200

 [quiz] [question] Mathematics Portion (80 MCQS) [/question] [question]

  1. If sin-1x + sin-1 y + sin-1z =3π/2 then the value of x9 + y9 + z9 – 1/ x9 y9 z9 is equal to
    a. 0
    b. 1
    c. 2
    d. 3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. Let p, q, r be the sides opposite to the angle P,Q.R respectively in a triangle PQR. If r2 sin P sin Q = pq then the triangle is
    a. Equilateral
    b. Acute angled but not equilateral
    c. Obtuse angled if sin
    d. Right angled [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. Let p, q, and r be sides opposite to the angles P, Q, R respectively in a triangle PQR. Then 2 prsin (P-Q+R/2) equals
    a. p2 + q2 + r2
    b. p2 + r2 – q2
    c. q2 + r2 – p2
    d. p2 + q2 – r2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  4. Let P (2,-3), Q (-2, 1) be the vertices of the triangle PQR. If the centroid of ΔPQR lies on the line 2x +3y = 1, then the locus of R is
    a. 2x + 3y = 9
    b. 2x – 3y = 9
    c. 3x + 2y = 5
    d. 3x – 2y = 5 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  5. If n(A) = m, then nP(A) =
    a. 2 n
    b. 2n
    c. 2m
    d. 2m [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  6. If f is a real-valued differentiable function such that f(x) f’(x) < 0 for all real x, then
    a. F(x) must be an increasing function
    b. F(x) must be an decreasing function
    c. |F(x)| must be an increasing function
    d. |F(x)| must be an decreasing function [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  7. Role’s theorem is applicable in the interval [-2,2] for the function
    a. F(x) =x3
    b. F(x) =4×4
    c. F(x) =2×3 + 3
    d. F(x) =π|x| [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  8. The solution of 25 d2y/dx2 -10dy/dx + y = 0 , y(0) =1y(1) =2e1/5 is
    a. y= e5x + e-5x
    b. y=(1 +x) e5x
    c. y=(1 +x) ex/5
    d. y=(1 +x) e- x/5 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  9. Let P be the midpoint of a chord joining the vertex of the parabola y2 = 8x to another point on it. then the locus of P is
    a. = 2x
    b. y2 = 4x
    c. x2/4 + y2 = 1
    d. x2 + y2/4 = 1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  10. the line x =2y intersects the ellipse x2/4 + y2 =1 at the point P and Q. the equation of the circle with PQ as diameter is
    a. x2 + y2 = 1/2
    b. x2 + y2 = 1
    c. x2 + y2 = 2
    d. x2 + y2 = 5/2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  11. the eccentric angle in the first quadrant of a point on the ellipse x2 /10 + y2 /8= 1 at a distance 3 units from the center of the ellipse is
    a. π/6
    b. π/4
    c. π/3
    d. π/2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  12. The transverse axis of a hyperbola is along the x axis and its length is 2a. The vertex of the hyperbola bisects the line segment joining the center and the focus. The equation of the hyperbola is
    a. 6×2 – y2 = 3a2
    b. x2 – 3 y2 = 3a2
    c. x2 – 6 y2 = 3a2
    d. 3×2 – y2 = 3a2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  13. A point moves in such a way that the difference of its distance from two point (8, 0) and (-8, 0) always remains 4. Then the locus of the point is
    a. A circle
    b. A parabola
    c. An ellipse
    d. A hyperbola [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  14. The number of integer values of m, for which the x coordinate of the point of intersection of the lines 3x + 4y = 9 and y=mx +1 is also an integer is
    a. 0
    b. 2
    c. 4
    d. 1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  15. If a straight line passes through the point (α,β) and the portion of the line intercepted between the axes is divided equally at the point, then x/ α + y/ β is
    a. 0
    b. 1
    c. 2
    d. 4 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  16. The maximum value of |z| when the Complex number z satisfies the condition |z + 2/z| is
    a. √3

b. √3 + √2
c. √3 + 1

d. √3 − 1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]

  1. If (3/2 + i√3/2)56 =3 25 (x +iy) , where x and y are real, then the ordered pair (x,y) is a. (-3,0)
    b. (0,3)
    c. (0,-3)
    d. (½) (√3/2) [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. If z-1/z+1 is purely imaginary, then
    a. |z|= ½
    b. |z|=1
    c. |z|=2
    d. |z|=3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. Then inverse of q  p is ?
    a. p  q
    b. p  q
    c. q p
    d. q p [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  4. a vehicle registration number consists of 2 letters of English alphabet followed by 4 digits, where the first digit is not zero. Then the total number of vehicles with distinct registration number is
    a. 262 x 104
    b. 26p2 x 10p2
    c. 26p2 x 9 x 10p3
    d. 262 x9 x103 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  5. The number of the words that can be written using all the letter of the word “irrational” is a. 10! / (2!)3
    b. 10! / (2!)2
    c. 10! /2!
    d. 10!
  6. Four speakers will address a meeting where speaker Q will always speak after speaker. Then the number of ways in which the order of speakers can be prepared is
    a. 256
    b. 128
    c. 24
    d. 12 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  7. The number of diagonals in a regular polygon of 100 sides is a. 4950
    b. 4850
    c. 4750
    d. 4650 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  8. Let the coefficients of powers of x in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th terms in the expansion of (1 +x)n where is a +ive integer be in arithmetic progression. Then the sum of the coefficients of odd power of x in the expansion is
    a. 23
    b. 64
    c. 128
    d. 256 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  9. The sum 1 x 1! + 2 x 2! + 50 x 50! Equal to
    a. 51!
    b. 51!-1
    c. 51!+1
    d. 51! X 2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  10. Six numbers are in AP. Such that their sum is 3 the first term is 4 times the third term. Then the fifth term is
    a. -15
    b. -3
    c. 9
    d. -4 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question] 
  11. The sum of the infinite series 1 + 1/3 + 1.3/1.6 + 1.3.5/3.6.9 + + Is
    equal to
    a. √2

b. √3
c. √3/2

d. √1/3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]

  1. The equations x2 + x+ a = 0 and x2 + ax+ 1 =0 have a common real root
    a. For no value of a
    b. For exactly one value of a
    c. For exactly two value of a
    d. For exactly three value of a [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. If 64, 27, 36, are the Pth , Qth and the Rth terms of the G.P then P + 2Q is equal to
    a. R
    b. 2R
    c. 3R
    d. 4R [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. The equation y2 + 4x +4y + k = 0 represents a parabola whose lotus rectum is
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  4. If the circles x2 + y2 +2x + 2ky + 6 = 0 and x2 + y2 + 2ky + k = 0 intersect orthogonally, then k is equal to
    a. 2 or -3/2
    b. -2 or-3/2
    c. 2 or 3/2
    d. -2 or 3/2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  5. If four distinct points(2k,3k),(2,0),(0,3),(0,0) lie on a circle , then
    a. K< 0
    b. 0< K < 1
    c. K = 1
    d. K > 1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  6. The line joining a( bcos α, bsin) and B( acos β, asin β) , where a ≠ b, is produced to the point M(x,y) so that AM:MB = b:a. then x cos (α + β/2 ) +y sin (α + β/2 )
    a. 0
    b. 1
    c. -1
    d. a2 + b2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  7. let the foci of the ellipse x2/9 + y2 = 1 subtend right angle at a point P then the locus of P is a. x2 + y2 = 1
    b. x2 + y2 = 2
    c. x2 + y2 = 4
    d. x2 + y2 = 8 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  8. the general solution of the differential equation dy /dx =(x+y+1/2x +2y +1 ) is
    a. Log |3x +3y +2| +3x +6x =c
    b. Log |3x +3y +2| -3x +6x =c
    c. Log |3x +3y +2| -3x -6x =c
    d. Log |3x +3y +2| +3x -6x =c [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  9. A⊆ ?
    a. A ∩ B =A
    b. A ∩ B’ =A
    c. A− B =A
    d. A U B =A [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  10. The value of the integral π/2∫ 0 1/1 +(tanx)101 dx is equal to
    a. 1
    b. π/6
    c. π/8
    d. π/4 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  11. the integrating factor of the differential equation 3x log x dy/dx +y = 2 log x is given by
    a. log x3
    b. log (log x)
    c. log x
    d. (log x)1/3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  12. Number of solutions of the equation tan x + sec x = 2 cos x, x∈ [0, ?] is
    a. 0
    b. 1
    c. 2
    d. 3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  13. The value of the integral π/4∫ 0 sinx + cosx / 3 + sin2x dx is equal to
    a. Log 2
    b. Log 3
    c. ¼ log 2
    d. ¼ log 3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  14. Let y= (3x – 1/3x+1 )sinx + log (2 +x) , x >-1 then at x = 0, dy /dx equals
    a. 1
    b. 0
    c. -1
    d. -2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  15. Max value of the function f(x) = x/8 + 2/x on the interval [1,6] is
    a. 1
    b. 9/8
    c. 13/12
    d. 17/8 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  16. A non-empty set on which a binary operation can be defined is called
    a. Group
    b. Semi group
    c. Groupoid
    d. Ableian group
    e. Monoid [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  17. The value of the integral 2∫ -2 (1 +2sinx)e|x| dx is equal to
    a. 0
    b. e2 -1
    c. 2(e2 – 1)
    d. 1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  18. If (α +√?) and (α –√?) are the roots of the equation x + px+ q =0 where α , β,p,q are real then the roots of the equation(p2 -4q) (p2 x2 + 4px) – 16q =0 are
    a. (1/α + 1/√? )and( 1/α – 1/√?)
    b. (1/√α + 1/?)and( 1/√α – 1/?

c. (1/√α + 1/√? )and( 1/√α – 1/√?)
d. (√α +√?) and (√α -√?) [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]

  1. The number of solutions of the equation log2(x2 + 2x -1)=1 is
    a. 0
    b. 1
    c. 2
    d. 3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. The sum of the series 1 + 1n/2 C1 + 1n/3 C2 + ……………. + 1n/n+1Cn. a. 2n+1 -1 / n+1
    b. 3(2n-1)/2n
    c. 2n+1/ n+1
    d. 2n+1/ 2n [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. The value of ∑
    a. e
    b. 2e
    c. e/2
    d. 3e/2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]


1 + 2 + 3 + ⋯ … . (? − 1)

I sequal to

  1. If P =
    a. 2
    b. -2
    c. 1
    d. 0

Q=PPt , then the value of the determinant of Q is equal to [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]

  1. The remainder obtained when 1! +2! + +95! Is divided by 15 is
    a. 14
    b. 3
    c. 1
    d. 0 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. If P, Q R, are angles of triangle PQR then the value of is equal to
    a. -1
    b. 0
    c. ½
    d. 1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. The number of real values of α for which the system of equations x +3y +5z =αx, 5x +y+3z =αy, 3x + 5y + z = αz has infinite number of solutions is
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 4
    d. 6 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  4. The total number of injections(one –one into mappings) from {a1,a2,a3,a4} to
    {b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,b6,b7} is a. 400
    b. 420
    c. 800
    d. 840 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  5. It the set G = {1, ω, ω2} is an abelian group w.r.t multiplication then inverse of ω is?
    a. 1
    b. ω
    c. ω2
    d. does not contain an inverse [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  6. Two decks of playing cards are well shuffled and 26 cards are randomly distributed to a player.
    Then the probability that the player gets all distinct cards o s a. 52C26 / 104C26
    b. 2 x 52C26 / 104C26
    c. 213 x 52C26 / 104C26
    d. 2 26x 52C26 / 104C26 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  7. An urn contains * red 5 white balls. Three balls are drawn at random. Then the probability that balls of both colors are drawn is
    a. 40/143
    b. 70/143
    c. 3/13
    d. 10/13 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  8. Two coin are available, one fair and the other two headed .choose a coin unbiased coin is chosen with probability ¾ given that the outcome is head the probability that the two headed coin was chosen is
    a. 3/5
    b. 2/5
    c. 1/5
    d. 2/7 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  9. Let R be the set of real numbers and the functions f:RR and g : R R be defined f(x) = X2 + 2x
    -3 and g(x) =x +1 then the value of x for which f(g(x)) g(f(x)) is
    a. -1
    b. 0
    c. 1
    d. 2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  10. If a ,b,c are in arithmetic progression, then the roots of the equation ax2-2bx + c =0 are
    a. 1 and c/a
    b. -1/a and –c
    c. -1 and –c/a
    d. -2 and –c/2a [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  11. Let γ be the solution of the differential equation x dy/dx = y2/1-logx satisfying y(1) =1 then γ satisfies
    a. Y =xy-1
    b. Y =x y
    c. Y=xy+1
    d. Y=xy+2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  12. The area of the region bounded by the curves y = sin -1x + x(1-x) and y = sin -1x –(1-x) in the first quadrant is
    a. 1
    b. ½
    c. 1/3
    d. ¼ [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  13. The value of the integral 5∫ 1 [|x-3| +1-x|]dx is equal to
    a. 4
    b. 8
    c. 12
    d. 16 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  14. If f (x) and g(X) are twice differentiable functions on (0,3) satisfying f”(x) =g”(x), f(1) =4 g(1)=6 f(2) =3 g(2) =9 then f(1)-g(1) is
    a. 4
    b. -4
    c. 0
    d. -2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  15. Let (x) denote the greater integer less than or equal to x, then the value of the integral 1∫ -1
    [|x| -2[x]]dx is equal to
    a. 3
    b. 2
    c. -2
    d. -3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  16. The points representing the complex number z for which arg(z-2/z+2) =π/3 lies on
    a. A circle
    b. A straight line
    c. An ellipse
    d. A parabola [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  17. Let a, b, c, p, q, r be positive real numbers such that a, b ,c are in G.P and ap =bq =cr then A,B,C
    a. p, q rare in G.P
    b. p, q rare in A.P
    c. p, q rare in H.P
    d. p2,q2 and r2 rare in A.P [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  18. a compound statement at the form “If p then q ” is called
    a. implication
    b. hypothesis
    c. tautology
    d. contingency [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  19. The quadratic equation 2×2(a3 +8a -1) x a2 -4a =0 possesses roots of opposite sign. then
    a. a ≤ 0
    b. 04
    c. -1≤ ? ≤ 5
    d. X<-1 0r x>5 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  20. The coefficient of x 10 in the expansion of 1+ (1+x) +… +(1+x)10 is
    a. 19C9
    b. 20C10
    c. 21C11
    d. 22C12 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  21. The system of linear equation λx+ y+ z =3, x-y-2z=6, -x + y +z =?
    a. Infinite number of solutions for λ ≠-1 and all ?
    b. Infinite number of solutions for λ =-1 and all ? =3
    c. No solution for λ ≠-1
    d. Unique solution for λ =-1 and all ? =3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  22. Let A and B be two events with P(Ac) =0.3, P (B)=0.4 and P(A ∩B’) =0.5 Then P(B/(AUB’)) is equal to
    a. ¼
    b. 1/3
    c. ½
    d. 2/3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  23. The set of real number is a subset of
    a. Set at natural number
    b. Set of whole number
    c. Set of………..
    d. Set of complex number [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  24. Let C1 and C2 denote the cents of the circles x2 + y2 =4 and (x-2)2+ y2 =1 respectively and let P and Q be their Points of intersection. The n the area of triangle C1PQ and C2PQ are in ration
    a. 3:1
    b. 5:1
    c. 7:1
    d. 9:1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  25. A Straight line through the point of intersection of the lines x +2y =4 and 2x +y =4 meet the coordinates axes at A and B the locus of the midpoint of AB is
    a. 3(x + y) =2xy
    b. 2(x + y) =3xy
    c. 2(x + y) =xy
    d. (x y) =3xy [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  26. Let P and Q be the points on the parabola y2 =4x so that the line segment PQ subtends right angle at the vertex. If PQ intersects the axis of the parabola at R then the distance of the vertex from R is
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 4
    d. 6 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  27. The set {{a , b}} is called
    a. Singleton set
    b. Proper
    c. Overlapping set
    d. Improper set [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  28. The value of lim x ∞ (n!)1/n/n is
    a. 1
    b. 1/e2
    c. 1/2e
    d. 1/e [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  29. The area of the region bounded by the curve y =x3 ,y =(1/x) x=2 is
    a. 2 –log2
    b. ¼ – log2
    c. 3 –log2
    d. 15/4 –log 2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  30. Let f(x) =ax2 +bx +c, g(x) =px2 + qx +r such that f(1) =g(2),f(2) =g(2) and f(3) –g(3) =2.then f(4) – g(4) is
    a. 4
    b. 5
    c. 6
    d. 7 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  31. If the measuring scale has a least count of 10 kg then in 8000 kg the significant figures are
    a. 4
    b. 1
    c. 3
    d. 0 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  32. Which one of the following series are observed in the visible region of electromagnetic radiation
    a. Lyman series
    b. Balmer series
    c. Bracket series
    d. Pfunds series [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  33. The number 1678.9 should be written in scientific notation as a. 16.789 x 103
    b. 1.6789 x 103
    c. 1678.9 x 103
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  34. Which one of the following groups has quantities that do not have the same dimensions
    a. Velocity, speed
    b. Pressure, stress
    c. Force, impulse
    d. Work , energy [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  35. The %age errors in the measurement of mass and speed are 3% and 4% respectively. The maximum error in the measurement of K.E is
    a. 11%
    b. 10 5
    c. 8%
    d. 9% [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  36. The vector product of two vectors is zero, when
    a. They are parallel to each other
    b. They are equal vectors
    c. They are perpendicular to each other
    d. They are inclined at angle of 600 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  37. In right hand rule, the direction of the product vector will be
    a. Along the thumb erect
    b. Perpendicular to the erect thumb
    c. Along the rotation of fingers
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  38. When an object slides at constant speed down an inclined plane, the coefficient of friction may be approximately be
    a. sinӨ
    b. cos Ө
    c. tan Ө
    d. cot Ө [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  39. Two forces 3N and 2N are at an angle Ө such that the resultant is R the first force is now increased to 6N and the resultant becomes 2R. the value of Ө is
    a. 300
    b. 600
    c. 900
    d. 1200 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  40. Torque acting on a body determines
    a. Acceleration
    b. Linear acceleration
    c. Angular acceleration
    d. Direction of motion of the body [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  41. If the velocity of a body is uniform the velocity –time graph is a straight line which is
    a. Parallel to x axis
    b. Parallel
    c. At an angle of 450 with the x-axis
    d. Along the y-axis [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  42. At what angle of projection the horizontal range of a projectile is max? a. 300
    b. 450
    c. 600
    d. 900 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  43. What will be the ratio of the distance moved by a freely falling body from rest in 4th and 5th second of journey
    a. 4: 5
    b. 7:9
    c. 16:25
    d. 1:1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  44. According to the postulates of the theory of relativity, a fourth dimension has been added to the three dimensions already associated with a Cartesian frame of reference. Which is the fourth dimension?
    a. Space
    b. Inertial frame of reference
    c. Speed of light
    d. Time [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  45. If the water fall from a dam to into a turbine wheel 19.6m below, then the velocity of water at the turbine is (Take g =9.8m/s2)
    a. 9.8m/s
    b. 19.6 m/s
    c. 39.2 m/s
    d. 98.0 m/s [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  46. The escape velocity of earth in Km/s a. 9.75
    b. 11.2
    c. 12.3
    d. 15.6 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  47. Which is constant for a satellite in orbit?
    a. Velocity
    b. K.E
    c. Angular momentum
    d. P.E [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  48. How much water a pump of 2kw can raise in one minute to a height of 10 m, (Take g =10m/s2)
    a. 1000 liters
    b. 1200 liters
    c. 100 liters
    d. 2000 liters [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  49. The escape velocity from the earth’s surface is 11km/s. A certain planet has a radius twice that of the earth but its mean density is the same as that of the earth. The value of the escape velocity from this planet would be
    a. 24km/s
    b. 11km/s
    c. 5.5km/s
    d. 16.5km/s [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  50. If force and displacement of particle in the direction of force are doubled. work would be
    a. Double
    b. 4 times
    c. Half
    d. ¼ time [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  51. An electric motor is required to haul a cage of mass 400kg up a mineshaft through a vertical height of 1200m in 2 minutes. What will be the electrical power required if the overall efficiency is 80%
    a. 3.2kw
    b. 5kw
    c. 32kw
    d. 50kw [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  52. A couple produces
    a. Purely linear motion
    b. Purely rotational motion
    c. Linear and rotational motion
    d. No motion [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  53. The units of angular acceleration I s
    a. Radian
    b. Radian per second
    c. Radian per second2
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  54. Once the space shuttle is in orbit at a radius R from earth’s center, what force does the seat exerts on the astronaut?
    a. Mg
    b. Zero newton
    c. M/g
    d. Ng/R2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  55. In which case application of angular velocity is useful?
    a. When body is rotating
    b. When velocity of body is in a straight line
    c. When velocity is in a straight line
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  56. If the area of a circle is equal to its circumference the radius of this circle is
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 3
    d. 4 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  57. Rotational K.E of a disc is
    a. K.Erot =1/2 mv2
    b. K.Erot =1/3 mv2
    c. K.Erot =1/4 mv2
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  58. Which of these statements is not correct
    a. Moment of inertia is independent of shape and size of the body
    b. Moment of inertia depends on choice of axes
    c. Momentum of inertia does not depend on the mass of body
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  59. A particle is moving in a vertical circle. The tensions the string when passing through two positions at angles 300 and 600 from vertical (lowest positions) are T1 and T2 respectively. Then
    a. T1 = T2
    b. T2 > T1
    c. T1 > T2
    d. Tension in the string always remains the same [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  60. At terminal velocity, fluid friction is
    a. Maximum
    b. Minimum
    c. Zero
    d. Decreasing [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  61. ? = √2g(h1 − h2) ?ℎ??? ?ℎ?
    a. Equation of continuity
    b. Bernoulli’s theorem
    c. Torricelli’s theorem
    d. Equation for compressible fluids [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  62. With the increase of temperature viscosity
    a. Increase
    b. Decrease
    c. Remain constant
    d. Doubles [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  63. In case of streamed lined flow of liquid the loss of energy is
    a. Maximum
    b. Minimum
    c. Infinite
    d. Equal to what is in turbulent flow [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  64. A car engine is based on the principle of
    a. Bernoulli’s equation
    b. Ventura relation
    c. Torricelli’s theorem
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  65. When a beam of light traveling in a rare medium is reflected from a denser medium it
    a. Suffers no phase change
    b. Undergoes a phase change of 1800
    c. Undergoes a phase change of 2700
    d. Undergoes a phase change of 900 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  66. Two water pipes of diameters 4 cm and 8 cm are connected with a supply line. The velocity of flow of water in the pipe 4 cm diameter is
    a. ¼ times
    b. 4 times
    c. Twice
    d. ½ of 8 cm diameter pipe [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  67. The density of water in F.P.S system is
    a. 50lb/ft2
    b. 50ft/lb
    c. 50ft/lb3
    d. 50lb/ft3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  68. Total pressure on 1 m x 1 m gate immersed vertically at a depth of 2 m below the free water surface will be
    a. 1000 kg
    b. 2000kg
    c. 4000kg
    d. 8000 kg [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  69. The frequency of second pendulum is
    a. 1 hertz
    b. 2 hertz
    c. 0.5 hertz
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  70. The type of motion in which an oscillating disturbance is transmitted from one position to the next without the actual rectilinear translation of the particles of the medium is called
    a. Periodic motion
    b. Rotatory motion
    c. Wave motion
    d. Rectilinear motion [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  71. A ball is just allowed to fall from the window of a moving train it will hit the ground following a
    a. Circular path
    b. Hyperbolic path
    c. Straight line path
    d. Parabolic path [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  72. Which one of the following is a simple harmonic motion?
    a. Wave moving through a string fixed at both end
    b. Earth spinning about its own axis
    c. Ball bouncing between two rigid vertical walls
    d. Particle moving in a circle with uniform speed. [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  73. A block weighting 40 kg extends a spring by 0.16m from its unscratched position. What is the value of k
    a. 170 kg/s2
    b. 245 kg/s2
    c. 215 kg/s2
    d. 201 kg/s2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  74. A simple harmonic oscillator has a period T and energy E. the amplitude of the oscillator is doubled choose the correct answer
    a. Period and energy get double
    b. Period gets doubled while energy remain same
    c. Energy gets doubled while Period remain same
    d. Period remain same and Energy becomes 4 times [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  75. A particle performs simple harmonic motion of amplitude 0.020 m and frequency 2.5Hz. What is its max speed?
    a. 0.008m/s
    b. 0.050 m/s
    c. 0.125 m/s
    d. 0.314 m/s [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  76. Which if electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelength?
    a. γ rays
    b. UV
    c. Microwaves
    d. X rays [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  77. The length of a spring is α when a force of 4 N is applied on it the length is β when 5 N forces is applied then the length of spring when 9N force is applied is
    a. 5β – 4α
    b. β – α
    c. 5α -4β
    d. 9(β – α) [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  78. Two springs of spring constant k1 and K2 are joined in series. The effective spring constant of combination is given by
    a. (k1 +k2)/2
    b. K1+ K2
    c. K1k2/(k1 + k2)
    d. √?1?2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  79. The various features of wave phenomenon can be very conveniently studies by an apparatus called
    a. Sonometer
    b. Ripple tank
    c. hydrometer
    d. barometer [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  80. A highly directional beam of ultrasonic wave can be made to travel in water in
    a. many meters
    b. many kilometers
    c. several kilometers
    d. none [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  81. Applications of the result of scientific studies of sound in the designs of building etc. is called
    a. Optics
    b. Wave mechanics
    c. Acoustics
    d. Statics [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  82. Laplace formula is derived from
    a. Isothermal; change
    b. Adiabatic change
    c. Isobaric change
    d. Isochoric change [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  83. In the absence of an external torque the angular momentum of a rotating body is
    a. Constant
    b. Variable
    c. Unstable
    d. Zero [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  84. Progressive waves of frequency 300 Hz are superimposed to produce a system of stationary waves in which adjacent nodes are 1.5m apart. What is the speed of the progressive waves?
    a. 100m/s
    b. 200m/s
    c. 450 m/s
    d. 900 m/s [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  85. Which one of the following could be the frequency of ultraviolet radiation a. 1.0 x 106 Hz
    b. 1.0 x 109 Hz
    c. 1.0 x 1012 Hz 
    d. 1.0 x 1015Hz [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  86. To hear a clear echo, the reflecting surface must be at a minimum distance of
    a. 10m
    b. 16.5m
    c. 33m
    d. 66m [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  87. Which one is not a produced by sound wave in air
    a. Polarization
    b. Diffraction
    c. Refraction
    d. Reflection [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  88. The conduction due to charges produced by pair generation in a semi-conductor is called
    a. Polarity
    b. Intrinsic conduction
    c. Electrostatic
    d. Amplitude modulation [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  89. Ever point of a wave front may be considered as a
    a. Source
    b. Source of wave front
    c. Source of secondary wave front
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  90. The phenomenon of polarization occurs only in which of the following wave type
    a. Electromagnetic
    b. Longitudinal
    c. Mechanical waves
    d. Matter waves [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  91. Spontaneous reaction is one
    a. Directional, irreversible, real process
    b. Unidirectional , reversible , imaginary reaction
    c. Irreversible, Unidirectional, real process
    d. Imaginary, reversible reaction [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  92. Which one of the following solution has the highest boiling point?
    a. 0.1M BaCl2
    b. 0.1M glucose
    c. 0.1M urea
    d. 0.1M NaCl [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  93. The pH of 0.005 molar solution of sulphuric acid is approximately: a. 0.010
    b. 1
    c. 2
    d. 0.005 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  94. Given that heat of neutralization of strong acid and strong base as – 57.1 kg. The head produced when 0.25 mole of HCl is neutralized with 0.25 mole NaOH in aqueous solution is
    a. 14.275kj
    b. 57.1kj
    c. 22.5kj
    d. 28.6kj
    e. All [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  95. Number of moles of NaOH present in 2L of 0.5 M NaOH is a. 1.5
    b. 2.0
    c. 1.0
    d. 2.5 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  96. The molar solution of sulphuric acid is equal to
    a. N/2 solution
    b. N solution
    c. 2N solution
    d. 3N solution [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  97. Substances exist because they posses
    a. Material
    b. Molecular bonds
    c. Volume
    d. Heat [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  98. The equilibrium constant for a reaction A+2B 2C is 40. The equilibrium constant for reaction CB +(1/2)A is
    a. 40
    b. [1/40]2
    c. 1/40
    d. 1/[40]1/2 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  99. In the reaction 2A +B  A2B, if the concentration of A is doubled and that of B is halved, then the rate of the reaction will :
    a. Increase 2 times
    b. Increase 4 times
    c. Decrease 2 times
    d. Remain same [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  100. Correct order among the following is
    a. 1 erg> 1j > 1 call
    b. 1 call > 1j > 1 erg
    c. 1 erg >1 call >1j
    d. 1j > 1 call > 1 erg [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  101. Which is the phenomenon who help us to calculate lattice energy of ionic crystals
    a. Hess law
    b. Enthalpy of formation
    c. Born haber process
    d. None
  102. The volatile metal is
    a. Fe
    b. Zn
    c. Cu
    d. Ag [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  103. Gypsum on heating 1200 C -1300 C gives
    a. Anhydrous salt
    b. Hemihydrate
    c. Monohydrate
    d. Dehydrates [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  104. Substances exit because they posses
    a. Material
    b. Molecular bonds
    c. Volume
    d. Heat [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  105. O2,N2 are present in the ratio of 1:4 by weight the ratio of number of molecules is a. 7:32
    b. 1:4
    c. 2:1
    d. 4:1 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  106. Chlorine upon reaction with NaOH in cold yields
    a. NaCl,NaClO, H2O
    b. NaCl,NaClO3, H2O
    c. NaClO,NaClO3, H2O
    d. NaCl , H2O [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  107. Farming’s salt is
    a. NaCl
    b. HF
    c. KHF2
    d. KClO3 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  108. Which of the following is least polarizable?
    a. Ne
    b. He
    c. Xe
    d. Kr [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  109. Transfer of heat from hot surrounding too cold refrigerator is an example of
    a. Spontaneous reaction
    b. Non spontaneous reaction
    c. First law of thermodynamics
    d. All of above [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  110. Alkaline KMnO4 converts ethylene into
    a. Methanol
    b. Ethanol
    c. Ethane
    d. Ethylene glycol [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  111. Which one of the following is not an isotope of hydrogen?
    a. Deuterium
    b. Tritium
    c. Ortho hydrogen
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  112. Blue litmus turn s red in a solution of pH
    a. Below 7
    b. 7
    c. Above 7
    d. at all pH [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  113. maximum ionization potential is of
    a. Ca
    b. Na
    c. Be
    d. Mg [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  114. Strongest acid among the following is
    a. CCL3COOH
    b. CH3COOH
    c. CF3COOH
    d. CBr3COOH [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  115. Which molecule is planar?
    a. SF4
    b. XeF4
    c. NF3
    d. SiF4 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  116. A certain radioactive isotope has a half-life of 50 days. Fraction of the material left behind after 100days will be
    a. 125%
    b. 25%
    c. 50%
    d. 75% [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  117. The Rams speed at NTP of a gas can be calculated from the expression:

a. √


( )

b. √


( )
c. √(3????)
d. All of these [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]

  1. Prussian blue is
    a. K2Fe[Fe(CN)6]
    b. K4[Fe(CN)6]
    c. Fe4(Fe(CN)6)
    d. K3(Fe(CN)6) [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. Following are fundamental ways of transferring energy
    a. Pressure and work
    b. Volume and pressure
    c. Heat and work
    d. Pressure and heat [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. A mixture of camphor and benzoic acid can be separated by
    a. Fractional crystallization
    b. Sublimation
    c. Chemical method
    d. Extraction with solvent [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  4. is a very difficult profession for a lazy person as you are.
    a. That copper mining
    b. It is copper mining
    c. Although copper mining
    d. Copper mining [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  5. She read
    a. Several chapters in the library last night
    b. Last night several chapters in the library
    c. Last night in library several chapters
    d. In the library several chapters last night [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  6. He is taking some this semester
    a. Histories class
    b. History classes
    c. History class
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  7. The death
    a. wages of sins are
    b. Wage of sin are
    c. Wages of sin is
    d. Wage of sins are[/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question] 
  8. Murtaza scored in his last entry test
    a. The least points
    b. A least points
    c. The fewest points
    d. The fewer points [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]

Read the passage carefully and answer the following question given at the end of passage.

Democratic societies from the earliest times have expected their governments to protect the weak against the strong. No ‘era of good feeling’ can justify discharging the police force or giving up the idea of public control over concentrated private wealth. On the other hand, it is obvious that a spirit of self- denial and moderation on the part of those who hold economic power will greatly soften the demand for absolute equality. Men are more interested in freedom and security than in an equal distribution of wealth. The extent to which government must interfere with business, therefore, is not exactly measured by the extent to which economic power is concentrated into a few hands. The required degree of government interference depends mainly on whether economic powers are oppressively used, and on the necessity of keeping economic factors in a tolerable state of balance. But with the necessity of meeting all these dangers and threats to liberty, the powers of government are unavoidably increased, whichever political party may be in office. The growth of government is a necessary result of the growth of technology and of the problems that go with the use of machines and science. Since the government in our nation, must take on more powers to meet its problems, there is no way to preserve freedom except by making democracy more powerful.

  1. The advent of science and technology has increased the
    a. freedom of people
    b. tyranny of political parties
    c. powers of the government
    d. chances of economic inequality [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  2. A spirit of moderation on the economically sound people would make the less privileged
    a. unhappy with the rich people
    b. more interested in freedom and security
    c. unhappy with their lot
    d. clamour less for absolute equality [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  3. The growth of government is necessitated to
    a. make the rich and the poor happy
    b. curb the accumulation of wealth in a few hands
    c. monitor science and technology
    d. deploy the police force wisely [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  4. ‘Era of good feeling’ in the second sentence refers to
    a. time of prosperity
    b. time of adversity
    c. time without government
    d. time of police atrocities [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  5. ‘Tolerable state of balance’ in the last sentence may mean
    a. an adequate level of police force
    b. a reasonable level of economic equality
    c. a reasonable amount of government interference
    d. a reasonable check on economic power [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  6. race : fatigue (analogy)
    a. fasting : hunger
    b. round :boxing
    c. flower: colors
    d. Hiking : gangrene [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  7. Strut : walking (analogy)
    a. Sweating : wrestling
    b. Hunter : fire
    c. Speech : stage
    d. Stammer : talk [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  8. Industries : hardworking (analogy)
    a. Sky : blue
    b. Muddy: unclear
    c. Book :reading
    d. Pond: lake [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  9. Scholar : ignorant (analogy)
    a. Hardworking : lazy
    b. Knife : sword
    c. Courage : bold
    d. Luxury : wealth [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  10. Cool : frozen:: (analogy)
    a. Sharp :cut
    b. Warm: hot
    c. Hassock : stool
    d. Freedom : liberty [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  11. Admonish(synonym)
    a. Hypnotic
    b. Honor
    c. Encourage
    d. scold
    e. Prepare [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  12. Animosity (antonym)
    a. Friendliness
    b. Anxiety
    c. Eagerness
    d. Reliability [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  13. Portly (synonym)
    a. Briskly
    b. Vessel
    c. Slender
    d. Entirely [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  14. Impetuous (antonym)
    a. Defensive
    b. Ardent
    c. Hobbyist
    d. Wary [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  15. Valid (antonym)
    a. Laud
    b. Feeble
    c. Due
    d. Dump [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  16. An index that estimate true rate of exchange among the currencies is
    a. Human development index
    b. Exchange rate
    c. Purchasing rate
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  17. LRR is stand for
    a. Lahore ring road
    b. Large ring road
    c. Lahore ring road
    d. Long ring road [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  18. Who is allegedly the current head of al-Qaida?
    a. Khalid sheikh MOHAMMAD
    b. Osama bin laden (late)
    c. Ayman ul Zawahiri
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  19. Who is chancellor of Germany
    a. Joachim Gauck
    b. Angela Merkel
    c. John Atta Mills
    d. Laszlo Kover [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  20. Which of the following academies grants the noble prize in literature?
    a. London academy
    b. Norwegian academy
    c. Swedish academy
    d. New York academy [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  21. BCB stand for
    a. Bhutan cricket board
    b. Bangladesh cricket board
    c. Belgium cricket board
    d. None [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  22. Who was honored with highest cultural award of France the commander of the order on 17th July 2013
    a. David bowie
    b. Paul hewson
    c. Bruce Willis
    d. Bob Dylan [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  23. Identify the current hajj year a. 1432
    b. 1433
    c. 1434
    d. 1435 [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  24. Faf Du plessis is player of
    a. Hockey
    b. Cricket
    c. Foot ball
    d. Snooker [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question]
  25. Easy jet is air line of
    a. Uk
    b. Malaysia
    c. Spain
    d. Turkey  [/question] [answer] Show Answer [explanation] … [/explanation] [/answer] [question][/quiz]

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