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Intelligence Direction Sense

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

Absar, Kaman, Imran, Hameed and Sami all are facing north. ‘man is 75 km at the right of Absar while Imran Is to the North of Mimed. Saml Is to the East of Hameed. Kamran is 50 km to the North of Imran, then who Is at the position of Northwest of Hameed?

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

In morning, All and Fallon are standing In front of each oilm. All’s shadow Is to the right of Farhat,. In which direction Is Farhan standing?

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

Sultan traveled 320m south, took a U-turn traveled 200in distance , again turned right to his starting position?
and traveled 520m north then he turned right and and traveled 200m what is his position with respect

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

A man went 15 km to the west of Ids house:, then ttuntal loft and walked 20 km. Ile Well turned east and walked 25 km and finally turning loft covered 20 kin. ‘low far was he Iro► his house? a) 5 km h) 10 km c) 40 km (I) 80 km el II north Is northwest, west Is southwest then what Is south?b) N

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

A, 8, C, D, E are all facing north. If A Is In front or B, B is west to C, D is south of C and E is on left of D. Which letter Is northeast to the letter left to D. ?

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

A man is facing north. Ile turns 45 degree in the clockwise direction and then another 180 degree In the same direction and then 45 degree in the anticlockwise direction. Find which direction he Is facing now?

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Category: Intelligence Direction Sense

One morning timer and Watias were talking to each other face to taco at a field. If Warps’s shadow was exactly to the loft of timer, which direction was thnor facing?

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