Alcohols Phenols Ethers part 2 Mcqs Chemistry book

FSC Physics MCQs Part 2 Physics Part 1 HSSC Pre Medical Pre Engineering text Book Questions first year and second-year Physics mcqs

Which one of the following is also known as lactic acid?
A. 3-Hydroxy propanoic acid B. 2-Hydroxy propanoic acid
C. 2-hydroxy butanoic acid D. 3-hydroxy butanoic acid
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The formula of starch is
A. C12H22O11 B. C6H10O5
C. (C6H10O5)n D. C6H12O6
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The process of fermentation of starch involve many enzymes the sequence of enzymes used are
A. Diastase-maltase-zymase B. Zymase-maltase-diastase
C. Maltase-diastase-zymase D. Diastase-zymase-maltase
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Which alcohol will undergo elimination reaction to give alkene in the presence of acidic potassium dichromate?
A. Primary alcohol B. Secondary alcohol
C. Tertiary alcohol D. All of above
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Treating phenol with formaldehyde in the presence of dilute base forms Bakelite. The process involved is
A. oxidation B. elimination
C. condensation polymerization D. additional polymertization
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